How Patch Vote Works

At Popular Patch, we are excited to announce that we are putting our customers in the driver's seat by empowering you to control our production pipeline. We take great pride in creating high quality, detailed, and durable embroidered patches, and now we are making it even easier for you to choose what emblems are created into our iron-on patches. Using Patch Vote, you can tell us what you want to see on our storefront next.

For years, we have had the largest selection of ready-to-order embroidered patches, but we believe that our customers should have an even greater say in what we produce next. That's why we've created Patch Vote, so that you can contribute to the development of our embroidered patch collection. By casting your vote with your email, you can help determine which designs make it to the top of our production list.

We value your input and are committed to providing you with the best possible selection of embroidered patches. We make it easy to share a listing. Share listings with friends and family, share on social media or via email. The more votes for a patch the quicker it makes it to the top of the production list, and the sooner it will be available on If you can't find something, submit your suggestion by using the "Design Submission" button. We want to know what we are missing and we need your help to continue to fill out this vast archive of the worlds emblems.

So jump in our production pipeline's driver seat and let your votes be counted through Patch Vote!

Mar 31st 2023 Popular Patch Team

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