NASA mission patches are more than just decorations on a uniform; they represent the heart and soul of NASA's space exploration efforts. Each patch is unique, depicting the mission's purpose, crew, and other important details. NASA mission patches have become iconic symbols of human achievement in space exploration, and are highly sought after by collectors and space enthusiasts alike.

Often designed by the astronauts themselves, mission patches are steeped in symbolism and meaning. They serve as a visual representation of the mission's goals and objectives, and are worn with pride by those who have dedicated their lives to exploring the unknown, and those of us who honor them.

We have an extensive assortment of NASA patches here to vote on becoming a high-quality ready to order embroidered patch. To place your vote, click on the image of the patch, input your email address in the provided box, and click on "Vote Now" to be added to the waiting list. The number of email sign-ups a patch receives determines its likelihood of becoming a Ready To Order patch on 

Whether it's a mission to the moon, a spacewalk, or a deep space exploration, each patch tells a story of human ingenuity and perseverance. NASA mission patches are a tangible reminder of the challenges and triumphs of space exploration, and the dedication of the men and women who make it all possible.

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